President | Anah Aslam
4th. Year – Environmental Science
Why I chose to join JHR: “Today’s student population will form the leaders of tomorrow. Thus, it is important we not only care about what goes on in the world, but speak up and act when things go wrong.

For inquiries, concerns, or information on how to get involved: aslama@ucalgary.ca


VP Communications | Mayda Ali
4th. Year – International Relations
Why I chose to join JHR: “I am a big believer in the power of information; how it flows across boundaries, how it informs, how it incites thinking. JHR is a platform where one may receive information and be able to see its source, its analysis and its consequences. I would like to use the platform of JHR to aide the quest of information in a responsible manner.

If you have a human rights concern/story you’d like JHR to investigate and write about, or if you would like to be added to the mailing list: mayali@ucalgary.ca


VP Events & Fundraising | Dave Beninger
4th. Year – Political Science
Why I chose to join JHR: “I am intrigued by questions around the changing nature of how we learn about current events and in particular those involving human rights abuses.


VP Finance | Ramsha Mahmood
4th. Year – Biological Science
Why I chose to join JHR: “I am a firm believer in reaching out to powerless people who need to be made aware of their rights and execute them. JHR provides us with a forum to raise our voices in place of those unheard and make a change.”


VP Marketing & Media | Hurmut Humayun
3rd. Year – Communications
Why I chose to join JHR: “I was interested in being a part of JHR because it provides the perfect opportunity for myself and others to get involved, spread awareness, and make change happen.


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